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Redefining Returns for investors with institutional grade RWA Opportunities

MAIV provides capital to real-word developers for their projects land purchase. MAIV maintains a lien on the land, securing its investment via the underlying land value, that increases as the project develops. Users receive exposure to the real-yield generated from the financing of projects.

MAIV’s returns are contracted by the developer via company guarantee, with extensive due-diligence carried out at project and company level. This enables users to have exposure to high-yield investments that are secured by underlying RWA value, with returns that are contracted regardless of market conditions. 

Project profit sharing mechanism allows for additional return beyond the contracted minimum.

Get access to RWA opportunities earlier than ever before.

The team at MAIV have already delivered over $5bn worth of successful projects for investors

At MAIV, we are transforming the way you invest in real estate by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

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Deposit in your chosen pools, sit back and watch your investment grow. MAIV’s in-house team manage each project through its life-cycle ensuring your investment is thoroughly taken care of.

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Users have optional access to pre-market deals on each project for a limited number of carefully selected assets. To retain, or trade on the secondary market.

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At MAIV, we are transforming the way you invest in real estate by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

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